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The Level Crossing Removal Project has tabled its latest design for ‘rail under road’ at the Ferguson Street / North Williamstown level crossing.



While the community’s preference was for a ‘rail under road’ option, design details mean that it does not meet our expectations. Furthermore, without vital design changes, the LXRP plan will fail to meet the Government’s own objectives of ‘enhancing safety and reducing congestion’.

Specifically, we are concerned about:

  1. Pedestrian safety and amenity.

  2. Greater vehicular congestion due to more traffic lights.

  3. Loss of the heritage east railway building.

  4. Poor plaza design.

We believe 1 and 2 are the greatest priority. If these aspects are properly addressed, this project will provide a meaningful legacy in Williamstown.

Pedestrians crossing the road from the south side to the station are currently a major cause of traffic delays. A second access point for pedestrians needs to be provided from the south side of Ferguson Street to the below-ground rail platforms to minimise this.


At the very least stairs should be provided (disability access to the station is already provided on the north side of the road).

This will reduce or eliminate the need for the LXRP’s new pedestrian crossing above ground. It will improve pedestrian safety and reduce vehicular congestion.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to solve the long-running safety and congestion issues in this precinct that affect most Williamstown residents, commuters and drivers. Infrastructure improvements are badly needed, but they need to be the right solution to the current problems.

This is a multi-million dollar project with benefits across generations.


Please don’t shortchange us!

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Updated 21st Jan 2021