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Members Email, 4th November 2019

In this email edition:

    1. Wednesday 13th November, 6.30pm, Next WCG Meeting at Williamstown Community Centre
    2. Friday 15th November,  2 – 5pm, Melissa Horne – mobile office at Williamstown Library.  
Pay her a visit and let her know your thoughts and what you'd like to see happen at Ferguson St.  
    3. Update: Woolworths awareness campaign barbecue, 19th October
    4. Update: LXRP – still missing in action
    5. Donations
    6. Poster and information flyer

    1. NEXT WCG MEETING:  Wednesday 13th November

Our next group meeting – for ALL Members (this means YOU) - will be held on Wednesday 13th November, 6.30 pm at the Williamstown Community Centre, 14 Thompson St Williamstown.

Cr Jonathon Marsden from Hobsons Bay City Council has accepted our invitation to attend and to speak about Council’s position on the Ferguson Street level crossing project and Council’s advocacy efforts with the State Government.

As advised in our last email, Hobsons Bay City Council has resolved to advocate for Rail Under Road as their preferred grade separation option at Ferguson Street.


As previously advised the Douglas Pde office of our local MP, Melissa Horne, is closed for three months for renovations.  In the meantime, she has set up several ‘mobile offices’ at various locations in the district to keep in touch.

Some of our members visited her on 18 October at the Williamstown Library to discuss the level crossing. A number of questions were tabled to which polite, and politically correct, answers were provided. A very telling statement made by her was that, in the event of a ‘conflict of interest’ between her local electorate and the LXRP recommendation regarding the most appropriate method of resolving the crossing, the LXRP’s opinion would take precedent.

Also, when asked what weight the HBCC opinion carried regarding the final outcome, she has taken this on notice and has subsequently forwarded a letter to Jacinta Allan, Minister for Transport Infrastructure.

She is due back in Williamstown on Friday 15th November, 2- 5 pm.  Williamstown Library, 104 Ferguson St Williamstown.  Please take the time to pop in and discuss your thoughts about our level crossing and what you'd like to see happen.  

Ms Horne can be contacted by phone on (03) 9399 9022 or via email

We strongly encourage all our members to send her an email.  It is important that she understands the depth of community concern with the Ferguson Street level crossing project.   You may get a reply along these lines:

Thank you for taking the time to write to me in relation to the Ferguson Street level crossing removal, I have taken note of your concerns.

A decision regarding the design for the crossing’s removal is yet to be determined.

Community feedback will play a really important role in developing a design for the removal of the crossing. I have been advised by the Minister’s office that community consultation will commence later this year.

Once I have received advice regarding when and where the community consultation sessions will be held, I will send you through the details.

    3. AWARENESS CAMPAIGN BARBECUE:  Saturday 19th October

We continued our awareness-raising campaign with a barbecue outside Woolworth’s in Williamstown, on Saturday 19th October.

Special thanks to Robert and Shirley for the overall co-ordination of the day. Thanks to all our volunteers who helped on the day including David, Shaun, Barbara & Wayne, John, Chris, Rick & Trisha, Ian, Stan, Maria & Frank.  

Most persons spoken to were very supportive of our intent though, unfortunately, too many were barely aware what is likely to happen. We raised $350 in much-needed funds to help cover our costs.


The LXRP told us on 1st August that input from the community regarding the Ferguson St level crossing would take place during September and October 2019 as ‘Phase 1’ of their consultation process. It was believed that this would be via a combination of telephone surveys and market research, prior to the commencement of broader public consultation. The timing of completion of ‘Phase 1’ is nominally the end of October.

It is now early November and we are still waiting for the ‘broader public consultation’ to take place. Some weeks ago we sought a clarification from the LXRP as to how and when this process is to take place but still – at this time – silence is the reply! A similar request in writing was put to Ms Horne (on 7 Oct) and is still awaiting an outcome.

While we wait, we encourage all of our members to email the LXRP outlining their preference for Rail Under Road and to ask any questions they may have about the process.  

The email address is  Please ensure you write ‘Ferguson St North Williamstown level crossing’ in the email subject line.


Many thanks to all those who have made donations recently to help cover costs such as room hire and material printing.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our website link


It would be great to see more of our “I say NO to rail over, YES to rail under” posters being displayed around the town.  If you would like to print off your own copy and display it on your fence or in a window, you can find it on our website here:


A copy of our recent information flyer is also on our website:

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LXRP Meeting 1st August, 2019

Thanks to all who came along to our meeting Thursday (1/8/19) to hear from representatives of the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) regarding the Ferguson St level crossing.

We had approximately 75 people attend - and this was at short notice.


The following is update is provided.

  1. Minutes have been forwarded on Monday 5th August to the LXRP. A response has been received advising the LXRP wish to make some additions. We await their additions and approval.

  2. 30 Questions had been submitted prior to our meeting on 1/8/19 and some of those questions were answered in the presentation and questions on the night. A formal response is expected but as yet not received.

  3. A request for a copy of the presentation was made which will be distributed when received.

  4. Community consultation by the LXRP will commence in the next couple of months 

  5. No options for crossing design have been ruled out by the LXRP (despite the rumours to the contrary)  

  • The rail crossing at Ferguson St is planned for removal

  • Rail or road will be either elevated or lowered (this is called "grade separation")

Why are we concerned?

  • Grade separation may increase through traffic, especially large trucks

  • If a rail bridge (Skyrail) is built it will ruin the area's heritage and harm nearby residents and businesses

What are we doing?

  • Voicing our concerns with State Government, Council, Level Crossing Removal Authority

  • Raising awareness within the community

  • Proposing ideas to resolve the problems of the crossing



   Read our proposed options for the crossing (v 0.5)

Can you help?

Absolutely.  If you care about Williamstown, now is the time to act.  We need everyone's help to increase awareness

Future Williamstown Crossing Group meetings:

At our Focus Team meeting, we decided not to continue holding monthly meetings and only hold meetings when the need arises. This is because we believe we can be more effective using our Facebook and email information services to inform members.

Raising community awareness costs money

If you think everyone should be informed, you can help