Traffic will increase

By itself, removing the crossing will increase traffic along Kororoit Creek Rd, Ferguson St and Melbourne Rd.  This will bring in:

  • more vehicles, driving faster

  • more trucks, trying to avoid the new West Gate Tunnel

  • B-double trucks (longer than 26 metres), which are forbidden from driving through rail crossings by law

The result will be more noise, pollution and pedestrian risk.  This is unacceptable for the numerous residents and for kids who walk to several schools along this route every day.

Truck bans are being enforced on most other routes as part of the West Gate Tunnel project, but not on Kororoit Creek Rd, Ferguson St or Melbourne Rd.  We believe we must prevent truck traffic and ensure pedestrian safety along these key routes.


Map of truck bans (in red) along the Westgate Freeway.  Trucks are only allowed on the routes in green.  The dashed line shows the West Gate Tunnel, currently in construction.  Routes north of the freeway are not shown.

What Skyrail would look like in Williamstown
What Skyrail would look like in Williamstown

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Skyrail being built in carnegie
Skyrail being built in carnegie

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Skyrail in Carnegie
Skyrail in Carnegie

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What Skyrail would look like in Williamstown
What Skyrail would look like in Williamstown

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Illustrations and actual photos of Skyrail

Heritage and residents will be affected

Grade separation could compromise our suburb forever
Elevated rail ("Skyrail") is chosen for grade separation in many crossings.  For example, Skyrail is under construction in Carnegie, to the dismay of local residents
.  The photos speak for themselves.

If Skyrail is built in Williamstown, it will:

  • run next to and over people's houses, overshadowing windows and backyards, and compromising privacy

  • visually cut the precinct in two

  • possibly, result in demolishing our heritage station

We believe there are better ways to resolve the existing problems at the crossing

The community will be ignored

​The LXRA claims it will "consult" the community on the grade separation option.  However, often decisions were not what the community wantedIn Essendon, for example, "consultation" was one-way: the LXRA simply told residents its decision, and ignored their preferred option.


The lack of real consultation is a proven fact:

​​We believe that consultation must be inclusive and transparent. We have met with LXRA and Minister Noonan to discuss our concernsMinister Noonan stated that he will:

  • support the community's preferred grade separation option, if technically feasible

  • support addressing any material increase in through truck traffic if there is such evidence


We welcome Minister Noonan's position.  We believe that it warrants an independent technical assessment, one which is
not commissioned by LXRA.

Report of Skyrail survey on Caulfield-Dandenong corridor.  The survey claims 51% of respondents support Skyrail.  However it deliberately excluded residents within 400m of the rail line, who are clearly the most negatively affected.