What is happening?

The Victorian State Government appointed the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) to remove 50 level crossings.  These crossings are considered dangerous and congested.

The LXRA will "grade separate" road and rail.  This means that
the rail or the road will be elevated or lowered

The crossing at Ferguson St is on the list of crossings be removed.


The Ferguson St crossing is in a residential precinct with important heritage value.  This is why we are concerned of the impact of grade separation.


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The LXRA claims that boom gates cause traffic delays and are down for 27 minutes during the 2-hour peak time (7-9am).  This is not true.

We believe in actual facts.  So we have filmed the crossing in the peak time and analysed the traffic stoppages in detail.  Here are the results:

  • The boom gates are down for 13 minutes.  This is less than half of what the LXRA claims

  • The main cause of traffic congestion is the controlled pedestrian crossing.  It is activated for almost 25 minutes.  This is almost twice as long as the rail crossing.

Our analysis and data are available for anyone to verify.  If you are interested in a copy, get in touch.


The rail crossing is controlled for both pedestrians and road users.  If the boom gates are obeyed, crossing the rail poses no risk.

As is evident from visual analysis, pedestrians invariably cross the road at Ferguson St and Victoria St.  These pedestrian crossings are unmarked and uncontrolled, and clearly more dangerous than the rail crossing.  Near misses happen daily, however are not reported.